Yevgen Ryeznik


In 2019, I started working as a Researcher in Pharmacometrics at the Department of Pharmaceutical Biosciences of Uppsala University.

In 2014–2019, I was a Ph. D. student in Applied Mathematics and Statistics at the Department of Mathematics of Uppsala University. The project that I was working on was a part of Uppsala University CIM Ph.D. projects, and it was about defining and implementing optimal designs for clinical trials. Mainly, I have investigated an optimal design problem for dose-finding study with censored time-to-event (TTE) outcomes. Another important question that I studied was the implementation of optimal designs through different restricted randomization procedures.

In 2012–2014, I worked as a SAS programmer/clinical data analyst in the Ukrainian department of Quartesian LLC in Kharkiv, Ukraine.

From 2002 to 2012, I worked as a teaching and research assistant at the Department of Higher Mathematics, Economics, and Mathematical Methods of the Kharkiv National University of Economics, Kharkiv, Ukraine.


Research/Academic Interests.